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“Ability is what you are capable of doing, Motivation determines what you do, Attitude determines how well you will do it”

20years experience in the sports and fitness industry and a love for developing others, Andy had no intent of just leaving that knowledge behind but more understood the need to adjust to suit his new lifestyle and the journey ahead.
And adjust is what he did. Taking his coaching online with a focus to continue developing athletes and adventure enthusiasts under ‘ALR Performance’ has allowed him to continue to serve others from anywhere he can open his laptop and grab an internet connection.


‘ALR Performance’ is a high performance coaching service providing preparation, readiness and resilience training to outlast any physical &/or mental challenges you set in front of you, whether you’re a total beginner, weekend warrior, seasoned veteran or an aspiring athlete Andy provides tailored programmes specific to your needs with a focus to help you be yourself only better and become self-made.

“The secret to your success is your own hard work and focus, my goal is to give you the tools to accelerate that success, I am not here to make it easy, I am here to make it possible.”

Andy Lavery



Andy’s belief in gratitude as much as mental toughness is a primary foundation in his practices and teachings along with the physical elements of injury prevention, strength & conditioning and recovery.

If you’re serious about accelerating your success ‘ALR Performance ‘ has you covered…..

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