As a boy he dreamed of big adventures, as a father he became committed to being an inspiration, as a young business man he found himself lost in the rat race of society.
Now dedicated to a life of adventure and fulfilment, this is Andy Lavery!

Active and adventurous throughout his childhood, as a young adult Andy’s in depth interest in physical conditioning with a passion for teaching and helping others led him to a career as a functional conditioning coach and personal trainer before long opening his own training facility in Newtownabbey, Northern Ireland. Whilst over the years he took immense pride in the service he provided helping athletes earn medals, business persons elevate their day and people of the general public live a more energised and healthy lifestyle, his own burning desires for fulfilment left him with an empty void in his life.


“I turned my back on my relationships as they broke down around me, I lost all strategy and vision with in my business and my life seemed in turmoil.”
“It was 2014, I had it all in front of me, yet my life was in what I could only describe as self-destruction and I was the destroyer. ‘Depression’ had become my outer layer and ‘Anxiety’ was feeding on it!”


Andy Lavery


In 2018 Andy spoke out on social media about his battle with mental health but it was early 2017 when he found himself as a father preaching the path of dreams and desires to his teenage son that Andy realised that he himself had let go of his own dreams and something needed to change.
“In an instant my life changed, knowing the risks and sacrifices 1 month later I closed my facility and set out on a journey with intent. I didn’t know how and if I’m honest at that time I didn’t know what exactly but my belief in myself gave me faith that I can!”



A raw passion for adventure, exploration and the mountains, in the winter of 2017 Andy set out to complete his Mountain Leader training, it was while on this course he realised it had been in front of him all along, in the mountains was where his true desires lay. A student of self-awareness and human potential Andy’s vision was not only to guide and educate others in the mountains but to challenge himself as an adventurer and endurance athlete something as a coach and self-confessed explosive athlete was completely out of his wheel house but the idea had always excited him, becoming an influencer of people inspiring adventure!


Adventurer / Guide / Coach


Adventurer / Guide / Coach

Upon achieving his Mountain Leader qualification wanting to share his experiences, knowledge and education of the mountains Andy set up as a mountain guide providing hikes, expeditions and education throughout the UK and Ireland, although with 20years experience in the sports and fitness industry and a love for developing others, Andy had no intent of just leaving that knowledge behind but more understood the need to adjust to suit his new lifestyle and the journey ahead.
And adjust is what he did. Taking his coaching online with a focus to continue developing athletes and adventure enthusiasts under ‘ALR Performance’ has allowed him to continue to serve others from anywhere he can open his laptop and grab an internet connection. Both adding value neither of these over burden Andy’s ultimate goal as an adventurer and endurance athlete.

With 2020 bringing a number of new challenges, events and expeditions, including the RAT RACE TRINITY series and his continued High altitude ascent of the adventurers seven summits Andy will bring adventure into your world, stay up to date with his training, preparation, planning and adventures via social and blog, all managed and updated by the man himself.




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